Watch This Super Carrier Carve Through The Sea During High-Speed Turn Trials

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USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) has returned to sea after spending 23 months in dry dock getting upgrades and repairs totaling 1.2 million man-days of work. Now the ship and her crew are getting their sea legs again, and part of the process is pushing the carrier to her max, which includes high-speed maneuvering.


For some of our mobile users that cannot play the video below can go to the CVN-69 Facebook page to see it.


A Nimitz Class super carrier can reach speeds in excess of 35 miles per hour, which is amazing considering they displace just over 100,000 tons, and so in a straight line is one thing, but undergoing huge rudder deflections is a whole other story. Check out the video below of The USS Harry S. Truman conducting similar trials.

These maneuvers are not for stress tests alone. There are a few tactical scenarios where even a giant aircraft carrier, at the center of a Carrier Strike Group, could use its speed and maneuverability as a defensive tactic. These include evading swarms of enemy fast boats, the rare chance of aerial bombardment, and even evading some types of missile attacks.

It also just looks like a lot of fun.

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JawzX2, Boost Addict. 1.6t, 2.7tt, 4.2t

from a very interesting thread on the Wooden Boat forum:

Just how fast can a carrier go.

Officially not much faster than hull speed but we all know that is BS.

Someone in the navy told me he hates escorting the Nimitz class carriers because his fast escort destroyer can only go 40 knots and the Nimitz likes to go over 60.
Further he cites satellite photographs that would require almost 70 knots.

Finally he gives the real numbers:
71 knots limited by the strength of the stem instead of the lines or engine.
Lines and propulsion would be capable of 84 but at 73 the hull would be stove in by the dynamic pressure.

A proposal (never implemented) called for a superfast supercarrier.
2400 foot loa, separate landing and takeoff deck, respectively 1400 and 1200 feet long.
8/1 waterline length/beam ratio.
Lines like a nonpariel racing sharpie, aluminum hull averaging 17 inches thick with a 34 inch thick stem.
6 rectors, 4 fusion, 2 molten fuel fission reactors with no moderator or control rods running a 10/1 blend of thorium 232 and uranium 233.
1.8 million hp continuous, 2.3 million WOT, both figures are of thrust effort not propeller shaft power.
It was thought that at least 120 was possible but it would leave a 90 foot wake with a very long wavelength not to mention wind effects on deck crew.
If built the public was to be told it would have a top speed of 52 knots.
The class would cost more per ship than the entire Apollo program and make one hell of a tempting target for the Russians.”

cue calls of “bullshit” for many posts, followed by this post from another ex-navy forum member:


Carriers and SSNs are FAST. How fast? VERY fast. Blow your mind, it’s nearly impossible to comprehend fast. I’ll leave it at that."