We Swapped The Music On These Slow-Motion Fighter Jets And It's So Much Better

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More than 50 percent of the American military is less than 25 years of age, so it makes some sense that occasionally it likes to release videos like fighter jets dancing in slow motion. The music they put over its original video was crap, though, so we made it better.

Just listen to it. It sounds like it’s from some cheesy, jingoistic Avengers knockoff, which is fine if you’re making a cheesy, jingoistic Avengers knockoff, but these planes are dancing in the sky. Give them a little dance music, I say, in the form of some drumline.


And since all videos produced by the American government are copyright-free, we’re totally cool to put whatever music we have the rights to over it. BOOM-ba-da-da-da-di-da-di-di-da-da. Hell yeah.

Isn’t that better?

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